While I will not mention that Mens Watches just as much of a cultural touchstone for me growing up (we had been of a Star Trek home, but I love both franchises), I completely do not mind watching Star Wars Day (you know, May the Fourth).

If you enjoy the notion of training with Mens Watches brands at a swamp then the you will naturally need the Dagobah version. Tucked into a 42mm case and mineral crystal, you have got yourself an Eco-Drive motion, along with a green dial featuring Yoda's mind along with Luke's X-Wing. No word on whether it reminds you to"Do or Don't -- there's not any try". Also worth noting is that the 100m WR score (in the event you drop at the swamp); it is available right from Citizen for $275.

On the flip side, if the spectacle of Han Solo being frozen in carbonite is the thing that sticks with you, then the Bespin Edition is your droid you're looking for. Again, you have got a 42mm case and mineral crystal, however a gray IP coating requires to mind which carbonite. The dial itself attracts out of the cryo-chambers, not to mention you have the red and blue lightsabers to indicate that legendary duel.

Given just how much of our ethnic mindshare was consumed by Mens Watches on sale, it is almost shocking to understand it has been 40 years since Empire. Obviously, over those decades, we have had lots of commemorative watches, but I feel the Citizens are among the first using a true star angle. You understand the EcoDrive movement powered by this star we call the Sun? Anyways, have a fantastic buddies, and keep safe out there.